Woodleigh .338 250gr Weldcore PP SN

Woodleigh .338 250gr Weldcore PP SN

Woodleigh Bullets

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Brand: Woodleigh Bullets

Bullet Type: Weldcore PP SN

Base: flat base

Calibre: .338

Weight: 250 gr

B/C: .431 (G1)

QTY: 50

Woodleigh Weldcore Soft Nose are made from 90/10 gilding metal (90% copper: 10% zinc) 1.6mm thick. All jackets are made by deep drawing through several processes and are specifically profiled internally for optimum jacket wall taper. This gives them the feature of reliable controlled expansion at various impact velocities.

Maximum retained weight is obtained by fusing the pure lead to the gilding metal jacket, hence the name 'Weldcore'. This minimizes fragmentation of the nose section as it mushrooms, so that deep penetration for rapid and humane killing of tough animals is obtained.

Protected Point bullets are available in a range of calibres:- 6.5mm, 270 Win, 7mm, 275 H&H, 308 cal, 30/06, 300 Win Mag, 303 British 174gr, 303/7.62mm x 39mm, 325 Win, 8mm, 338 Federal, 338 Mag, 358 Cal, 9.3 Cal, 375 cal, 416 Rigby, 458 Mag, 505 Gibbs, and 500 Jeffery,

Very popular all round bullet to suit a variety of conditions. The higher ballistic coefficient bullet design has all the excellent qualities of typical Woodleigh Bullets which are highly regarded by serious game hunters. These bullets also feature the Weldcore technology as do all Woodleigh soft nose bullets.

Internal grooves at the nose section strategically weaken the front jacket area for consistent controlled expansion in bullets 6.5mm to 8mm. The small flat nose with minimal lead showing will not deform under recoil in the magazine of bolt action rifles.

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