Speer .375 285 gr Grand Slam 50 Pack

Speer .375 285 gr Grand Slam 50 Pack


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Brand: Speer

Bullet Type: Grand Slam 

Base: flat base

Calibre: .375

Weight: 285gr

B/C: .354(G1)

QTY: 50

PERFORMANCE-ENHANCED RIFLE BULLET FOR BIG GAME. Speer® Bullets developed Grand Slam® to provide better integrity and retained weight. It has grown to be one of the most respected and successful big game bullets in the world. Grand Slam has superior performance which translates to exceptional accuracy and real knockdown power. A tapered, precision-drawn jacket makes for reliable expansion. And internal flutes at the jacket opening mean symmetrical and consistent expansion. The long nose profile produces flatter shooting. When the game you seek is at the top end of your rifle's capability, you need a tough bullet. You need Grand Slam.

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