Speer .243 100 gr Spitzer Boat Tail 100 Pack


  • 3950

Brand: Speer

Bullet Type: Spitzer soft point

Base: boat tail

Calibre: .243

Weight: 100 gr

B/C: .430 (G1)

QTY: 100

 Speer Boat Tail Bullets are designed for long-range shooting. The tapered heel that gives that bullet type its name reduces aerodynamic drag for flatter trajectories. These bullets are an excellent choice for Speer offers a variety of reloading bullets ideal for hunters, plinkers and varminters. Speer Spitzer Boat Tail bullets feature a tapered heel that reduces aerodynamic drag for flatter trajectories and less wind drift. These bullets are great bullets to use hunting medium sized game. This is not loaded ammunition.


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