Sierra .308 125gr HP Match 100 Pack

Sierra .308 125gr HP Match 100 Pack


  • 8300

Brand: Sierra

Bullet Type: HP Match

Base: flat base

Calibre: .308

Weight: 125gr

B/C: .349 (G1)

QTY: 100 

The 30 caliber 125 grain HP MatchKing is uniquely designed flat based bullet was designed in conjunction with AAC (Advanced Armament Corporation) and Remington Arms for the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge designed for the AR platform. This bullet has also proven to be exceptionally accurate in bolt action rifles and other .30 caliber AR chamberings.  The jacket was specifically designed to handle velocities ranging up through common .30 caliber midlevel cartridges.  The #2121 became available for sale in January 2012.

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