Sierra .243  95gr Tipped Matchking (TMK) 20 Pack

Sierra .243 95gr Tipped Matchking (TMK) 20 Pack


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Brand: Sierra

Bullet Type: Polymer Tip

Base: boat tail

Calibre: .243

Weight: 95gr

B/C: .500 (G1)

The 6mm 95 grain Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet was designed to fill the need for a lighter weight alternative to the Sierra 6mm 107 MatchKing.  This bullet is a popular choice for  across the course and long range target customers.  Sierra built this bullet off our ever popular 6mm 107 HPBT MatchKing design with a long ogive, small meplat and improved boat tail to preserve downrange efficiency, enhance accuracy, and reduce wind-drift. 

Please Note!! This bullet requires a 9" twist barrel.

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