Sierra .243  80gr Blitz SBT 20 Pack

Sierra .243 80gr Blitz SBT 20 Pack


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Brand: Sierra

Bullet Type: Soft Point

Base: boat tail

Calibre: .243

Weight: 80gr

B/C: .319 (G1)


In rifles chambered for either the 6mm Remington or 243 Winchester cartridge, this 80 grain #1515 Blitz bullet is dependably frangible and has no peer as a varmint bullet at velocities delivered by these cartridges. The Sierra Spitzer boat tail shape assures a flat trajectory, good resistance to crosswinds and vertical winds, and high-energy delivery even at extreme ranges. Built at the request of numerous varmint shooters, this bullet will bring out the best in both a shooter and his rifle for all varmint hunting applications.

In handguns, the soft core and thin jacket of this 80 grain #1515 Blitz bullet will deliver positive expansion at handgun velocities together with the accuracy and ballistic efficiency of the famous Sierra boat tail shape.

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