Load Right - Load Development Master Kit (all calibres)

Precision Rifle Products

  • 7000

The Precision Rifle Products ‘Load Right’ development kit is a useful tool for developing, checking and tuning loads in the field without the need for scales and large reloading setups. All you should need is your start load pre-loaded cases, development kit and press with bullet seating die.


Each Master kit contains:

100 x powder tubes

50 x .223 case caps

50 x .243/6.5mm case caps

50 x .308/7mm case caps

2 x load trays


Basic technique for this kit:

1: Fill each resized and primed cases with the starting load of powder of choice.

2: Cap off the cases with the supplied PRP caps for appropriate calibre.

3: Fill each powder container with a predetermined amount of powder. 

For Example: 20 tubes X 0.1gn, 20 tubes X 0.2gn, 20 tubes X 0.5gn, 20 tubes X 1.0gn and 20 tubes X 2.0gn

4: Build up your test loads.

5: Shoot test loads until a suitable candidate has been found.

6: Using a capped base load case, add the powder from the determined cases to get the final charge weight.  

7: Seat the projectile and repeat for desired round count.        

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