Lehigh Defence .224 45 gr Controlled Chaos (Lead Free) 20 Pack

Lehigh Defence .224 45 gr Controlled Chaos (Lead Free) 20 Pack


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Brand: Lehigh

Bullet Type: Controlled Chaos

Base: boat tail

Calibre: .224

Weight: 45 gr

B/C: .229 (G1)

The development of this technology was the result of an animal control agency's request for a no lead .243 bullet that would provide extensive wound trauma with little minimal pass through energy.  Basically the idea was to burst the bullet into numerous particles at a predetermined depth creating many wounds and a large temporary cavity with shot placement at or near the central nervous system.  The agency had tried copper matrix frangible rounds and found the penetration depth and particle size were less than what was require for proper terminal performance.

The bullet is designed to penetrate to a specific depth and to fracture as the internal hydraulic pressure exceeds the hoop strength of the nose design.  At the time of fracture, a massive energy spike is released as the particles break away and radiate outward from the initial trajectory path.  this energy spike and resulting temporary cavity sends a shock wave through the animal's circulatory and nervous systems immediately shutting down the functioning of these systems.

Since the development of the .243 bullet, we have successfully taken this design to other calibers.  The Controlled Chaos technology differs from the Controlled Fracturing technology in that the fracturing particles are smaller, the penetration depth of the smaller particles is less, and the initial energy transfer is greater.  These features make this an excellent bullet choice for:

  • varmint hunting,
  • animal culling,
  • fur hunting.

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