Kydex Adjustable Cheek Rest

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The new and improved Kydex cheek rest enables you to place your eye central to the optic no matter what height the optic is from the existing rifle butt. It allows for the minute adjustment required to customise between your rifle, your optic and your eye.

This new design now incorporates rubber washers for use with polymer nuts. This maximises the versatility of the cheek rest allowing ease of adjustment for those who struggled to adjust the standard anti-vibration nuts without compromising the torque or pressure needed for the cheek rest to be stabilized consistently. Fully repeatable, without undue wear or hassle without incident.

The Kydex cheek rest can be installed to most rifle stocks that are between 40mm - 50mm thick and can be installed in only 15 minutes. **Please note however that this item requires the stock to be physically altered with 2 x holes for fitting**


The Kydex cheek rest is hand made in Australia and is made from high quality and durable Kydex. The cheek rest is a unique fit and can be tailored to suit your individual rifle and needs. 

  • Available to suit 40mm (standard) and 50mm (tactical) stock thickness
  • Also available with a larger hand cut out for those who wear gloves - L/H or R/H specific
  • No twist 3mm Kydex not 1.5mm (like other brands)
  • Minimum raise is approx 3mm
  • Maximum raise is approx 35mm

Check out the blog post on this website for one that we fitted onto an smle no4. It made a huge difference for any person that has shot with it!


Items received in the box

  • Kydex cheek rest
  • 2 x oversize polymer nuts
  • 2 x oversize black cup head bolts
  • 2 x rubber washers
  • Features of the Kydex cheek rest

    • Australian made and manufactured!
    • Will not move around like a slip on comb adjuster
    • Paintable for that customised look 
    • Fully adjustable between 3mm and 35mm
    • Hand polished edges
    • Easily fitted with no gunsmithing required
    • Can be positioned to suit any length stock and bolt 
    • New rubber washers for maximum versatility and ease of adjustment
    • Allows for the correct position of your eye relative to your scope 

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