BLAMM Sig Kilo Mount


  • 4410
  • Save $540

The BLAMM Sig Kilo Mount™ is optimized for accurate and stable ranging at long distances. Made to withstand harsh environments in the field it utilizes all stainless-steel hardware and tough PETG plastic.
It’s carefully thought out design allows for a limited amount of flex so that exact adjustment of the tripod is not required, saving time and allowing for quick target acquisition while remaining stable. One of the best features is that, if installed towards the front of your rangefinder, the unit still fits in its protective case! The rangefinder is also operational with the mount installed both on and off the tripod. This means that it is always there and you never need to search for a separate mount buried in your gear!


    Weight: 1.5oz  
  • Note: Do not transport while attached to a tripod to avoid damage to your laser rangefinder.

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