Atlas BT1517 Rail Mounting Fastener Kit

B&T Industries

  • 995

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Fasteners for all types of accessory rails 

  • 10-32 x ¾" Button Head Cap Screws
  • 10-32 T-Nuts 

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    Atlas BT1517rail mounting fasteners Features

    • Used for fitting the BT15 and BT17 Picatinny mounting rails
    • Hard Anodized black finish

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    These fasteners are designed to be installed as follows:

      B&T Industries L.L.C. does not make any recommendations or suggestions regarding stock alterations. ALL such modifications should be done by a competent gunsmith, purchase of these parts will be considered an acknowledgment of this. 

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      All Atlas Products bought from Scoped Out are covered by the Australian B&T Industries (Accu-shot) Warranty. Our warranty is about you, not us and it's about taking care of you after the sale.

      • Lifetime warranty against faulty parts or workmanship
      • Fully transferable
      • A receipt will be required so we can trace back proof of purchase

      The warranty does not cover loss, misuse, theft or deliberate damage to the product