Atlas 1913 Fixing Rails

B&T Industries

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Incorporate your existing sling studs or fix on anther area of the stock as needed to fit that bipod or monopod

BT34 - 52mm 1913 rail 

  • Centre spacing of 40mm (1.6")
  • Weight 20 grams 

BT49 - 52mm 1913 rail (elongated)

  • Centre spacing of 30mm (1.2) to 40mm (1.6")
  • Weight 19 grams 

    BT15 - 85mm 1913 rail

    • Centre spacing of 45mm (1.76) to 70mm (2.78")
    • Weight 26 grams 

    BT17 - 102mm 1913 rail

    • Centre spacing of 56mm (2.2) to 89mm (3.5")
    • Weight 34 grams 
    Note: Fixings (such as the BT1517 screws) need to be purchased separately. 

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        Atlas 1913 fixing rail features

        • Standard 1913 Picatinny mounting rail
        • Constructed from T6061 Aluminum finished in Hard Anodized black
        • Allows a fixing point for the optional BT12/13 monpods and BT10 series bipods
        • Relieved base to accommodate curved surfaces
        • Flush cupped for unimpeded use of sling swivels 

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