Accuracy 1st Tremor 2 Instructional DVD

Accuracy 1st Tremor 2 Instructional DVD

Accuracy 1st

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Todd Hodnett is one of the undisputed leaders in the long range shooting arena. Watch how he explains the Tremor 2 reticle in his own words

Available volumes

  • Tremor 2 (1 disc set)

Note: DVDs are region free so will play on all standard DVD platforms

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Features of the Accuracy 1st Tremor 2 Tutorial

  • Training with the Tremor 2 reticle        
  • Mounting the scope
  • Scope calibration
  • Reticle breakdown
  • Using the Tremor 2
  • Accuracy 1st speed shooting formula
  • Shooting with the Tremor 2


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