Hornady 50 AE .500 300 gr XTP MAG

Hornady 50 AE .500 300 gr XTP MAG


  • 8600

Brand: Hornady

Bullet Type: XTP

Base: flat base

Calibre: .500

Weight: 300 gr

B/C: N/A

QTY: 50

Designed for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement applications, the XTP® bullet demonstrates the kind of accuracy that led many competitive shooters to adopt it. Reliable performance makes the XTP® the most popular handgun bullet for both target shooters and hunters. But it's the stopping power of the XTP® bullet that has truly built its world-class reputation. From the onset, XTP® bullets were specifically designed to expand reliably at a wide range of handgun velocities to deliver deep penetration with every shot.

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