Leupold QR 30mm Rings Medium

Scoped Out

  • 5500

This Leupold Quick Release Ring (49931) promises repeatable accuracy. Super-close machining tolerances are at the heart of this patented lever mechanism. By turning the lever forward, an eccentric on the lever shaft engages the base of the ring.

This pulls the ring down and forward on the base, locking it solidly into its "zero" position. This feature can be very appealing for several reasons. In some situations, it may be preferable to remove the scope when cleaning the rifle.

Even the highest quality scope is only as good as the hardware that mounts it. Rest assured with these heavyd uty, steel scope mounts. Based on the familiar cross slot design which is well known for accuracy retaining stability and security.

These are the rings only. Listing does not include bases to suit.