Redding TR-1400 Case Trimmer

Redding TR-1400 Case Trimmer


  • 22500

The Redding TR-1400 Case Trimmer is a great trimmer for reloaders looking for an accurate trimmer that will meet most trimming needs. The cutter is held stationary for maximum rigidity while the case is turned. The trimmer features a sturdy cast iron frame, universal collets, adjustable cutter shaft and coarse and fine adjustments up to 0.001". The titanium nitride surface treatment on the replaceable cutter head help to ensure maximum life.

Technical Information:

Material: Cast Iron Base
Collets Used: Yes, Universal Collet that fits all popular cartridge cases
Collets Included: Yes, Universal Collet
Pilots Used: Redding
Pilots Included: Yes, 22 Caliber, 6mm, 25 Caliber, 270 Caliber, 7mm and 30 Caliber
Includes: 6 Pilots, Universal Collet, 2 neck cleaning brushes (For 22-30 caliber cases) and 2 primer pocket cleaners (Large and Small)
Features: Titanium Nitride Coated Replaceable Cutter Head

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