Smartreloader Extreme Powder Package

Smartreloader Extreme Powder Package


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The SR750 Extreme Powder Package is a great package for measuring powder. Comes with 2 power measure, 2.5cc and .7cc. The universal anti-static powder funnel fits al calibers for caliber .17 to .45.

The Baby Powder Trickler made of steel weights one pound. Features a 50 grams calibration weight and a 10 grams testing weight. All of this for a little more than the scale only. The weighing modes are g/oz/gn/ct. The accuracy is 50g/.01g (771 grains/.1gn). Auto Off in 200 seconds.

  • The operation temperature is 10-30 degrees C.
  • Display is 5-1/5 LCD.
  • Operates on 2 AAA Batteries not included.

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