Smartreloader Extreme Case Prep Kit

Smartreloader Extreme Case Prep Kit


  • 7995
  • Save $2000

With our SmartReloader Extreme Case Preparation Kit you will get a complete set of tools for the preparation of your cases. Moreover you will get included a Lock Stud and Cutter allowing you to use the popular LEE Precision Case Length Gages

The extreme case preparation kit includes: case cutter-lock stud (for LEE Precision case length gages), lock stud for all the tools provided, deburring tool, primer uniformer large, primer uniformer small, primer reamer small, primer reamer large, neck brush small, neck brush medium and neck brush large.

  • Features all the items necessary for quality case preparation in one deluxe set
  • Includes a lock stud and a cutter to use the popular Lee Precision case length gauges
  • Easy transport to the range
  • Rechargeable, motorised bit driver for all fittings

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