CEB .338 277 gr MTAC - Match/Tactical (Single Feed) 10 Pack

CEB .338 277 gr MTAC - Match/Tactical (Single Feed) 10 Pack

Cutting Edge Bullets

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Brand: Cutting Edge Bullets

Bullet Type: MATCH

Base: boat tail

Calibre: .338

Weight: 277 gr

B/C: .826 (G1)

*** This bullet replaces old item# MTAC D79. ***

MATCH/TACTICAL non-hollow point bullet is designed for single shot rifles or for individuals willing to shoot their rifles loading a single round of ammunition into the chamber and not into a magazine. COAL will be the brass trimmed to trim length + 1.298" bullet projection for optimum SealTiteTM Band position. A minimum 1:9.5" barrel twist rate is required to properly stabilize this bullet. The BC on this bullet is .825. This item is manufactured with a lead-free copper.

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