Federal .270 130 gr Trophy Bonded Tip 10 Pack

Federal .270 130 gr Trophy Bonded Tip 10 Pack


  • 1700

Brand: Federal

Bullet Type: Trophy Bonded Tip

Base: boat tail

Calibre: .270

Weight: 130gr

B/C: .440(G1)

Federal Premium® now offers the legendary Trophy Bonded® Tip as a component bullet. The proven design stands apart from all other big game bullets, combining bonded construction, a bone-crushing solid copper shank, boat-tail design and a high performance polymer tip that tightens groups at long range.

  • High-performance polymer tip and boat-tailFlat trajectory and match-grade accuracy
  • Robust bonding maximizes weight retention
  • Solid shank for bone-crushing penetration
  • Grooved shank minimizes fouling and improves accuracy
  • Offered in bullet diameters and weights perfect for the most popular big game cartridges

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